Discordianism 3

1+ Status – You have renown as a notable Discordian.

0 – Bonus – You have a -2 discount for buying [Discordian Transendant Style]

5 Destiny – You have the Virtue of Discord. By injecting chaos or uncertainty into a situation, by causing confusion or discord, you gain a Deed. This virtue starts at 1, and can be raised normally. This Deed is neither Chivalrous or selfish, so you may take either kind of Joss for the Deed, even mix and match.

There are several types of discordians, described below.

1 Destiny – the Hung Mung totem, or philosophical type Discordian: these are a big fan of using statements like “Nietzsche says” or “Discordianism is the logical progression of surrealism” and other statements like that to justify why they’re laughing at a 50 year old joke instead of finding the purpose of life, solving the problem of ego, or hooking me up with free cable. They are wonderful people to have on your side in an argument about Ayn Rand, but get a little dull sometimes. They are the Discordian Scholars.

  • 3 Destiny: You can use We Wei for all types of predictions, relying on intuition and drug fueled dreams to foretell the future. An especially good batch of drugs will get you a +5

1 Destiny – the Van Van Mojo, or magick type Discordian: These folks may call themselves “neo-pagans”, “witches”, “occultists”, “chaotes”, “lv10wizardlv5psionlv5sorcerors” or any other number of names, but what they mean is “I light candles, chant, draw sigils and may or may not practice tantric sex, ergo I am awesome”. They are big fans of “calling the pentagon”, giving elemental significance to the 5 apostles, and giving elemental significance to the 5 basic elements (I got boom=fire, sweet= water, prickle=metal, pungent=earth, and orange=wood), and other things like that.

  • 0 Bonus: All of your curses and influences may take the form of terrible or surreal coincidences.
  • 5 Destiny: You may create your own personalized Method, from Sex Magic, to Hasheesh Haze, to any other thing you can come up with (with the Sage). You gain +5 when using that method.

1 Destiny – the Sri Syadasti, or psychedelic type Discordian: Ah the Syadasti Discordian. He giggles when its 4:20 and has almost as many Phish albums as he does stories about last year’s Burning Man festival. They’re fun but get rapidly tedious, and if they become convinced you’re from the CIA, its all over (I would tell you to ask Mord the Foul about Lord Omar’s later years, but alas, “they” got to both those pour souls)

  • 2 Destiny: You gain a favored drug you can use as an Hebalism method. You always gain +5 when using it.
  • 1 Bonus: You have a minor paired condition of Fear Passion Weakness (Paranoia) (Loss of Breath), and Fire Curse (Conspiracy Curiosity) hyperactivity(Action Bonus).

1 Destiny – the Zarathud, or traditional Discordian: This group loves to go on and on about how much modern Discordianism has deviated from the original vision and why this is bad. These are few and far between, but they are growing, and they’re insidious “Back-to-Principia” movement is gaining sway in many prominent swing states.

  • 4 Destiny: You may pick any two weapon types. Any weapon you wield with one property gains the properties of the other. Weapons may only have two types in any given round as usual.
  • 2 Destiny: You always join in on laughter. Whenever an attacker Laughs at your style, you Laugh at their style.

1 Destiny – the the Elder Malaclypse, or way-out-there Discordian: Our last sub-type are, well, way out there. These people aren’t weird for philosophical reasons, or cuz they’re tripping, or cuz Eris appeared to them after 4 hours of chanting in sanskrit. They’re weird because that’s that and if you think shoes shaped like dinosaur feet aren’t proper attire for a job interview well then you’re just not getting it. These people will either re-define our faith, our eat your dog while composing a symphony made of computer error sounds. Possibly both.

  • 0 Bonus – You may quote the Principia, or a Discordian of your choice when using the Wisdom Virtue.
  • 1 Bonus – Work with your sage to devise a Minor Paired Chi Condition. It grants you both a Hyperactivity for engaging in a specific weird or eccentric behavior and a Weakness for restraining from such behavior to fit in normal society.
  • 2 Destiny – You may use Eccentricity instead of Propriety. The Limitation for Eccentricity is that someone present must be confused or shocked by your behavior.


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