Gunfighter's Oath

Gunfighter’s Oath In the ancient days of war, those of the wulin fought with fist and steel. In the modern era, charges and steel-on-steel of swordplay have been replaced with the deadly ballet and cordite scent of gunplay. Even so, that doesn’t mean kung-fu died out – on the contrary, kung-fu built around wielding a gun is simply becoming more and more popular. All techniques of this style can only be used when fighting with a Ranged weapon.

Basic Technique:

1: Gun Prayer

A gun is a gun, but how you use the gun dictates its abilities. You have learned to treat your gun as a total weapon, each fluid position and stance representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents while keeping you clear of the statistically traditional trajectories of return fire.

Choose any weapon type except for Flexible, Staff, or Spear; until the end of the round, your gun adds the characteristics of that type of weapon to its own. This allows you to claim the weapon bonuses of both, and to combine different types of styles as if it were a special weapon.

Advanced Techniques:

2: Aerial Ballet of the Snake

You never stay in one place for long, moving from cover to cover to gain advantage and to deny your opponents any attempt to creep up on your position.

You have a +5 bonus to Footwork. This bonus increases to +10 in any round in which you have used a Shaping Marvel to alter the battlefield to your advantage. Be sure to include your use of the newly-altered terrain in your description!

2: Lead Fingers

One of the many advantages a gun has over a melee weapon is that it provides real impact even at a long distance. You have learned to use this, manipulating the battlefield even if you aren’t there in person.

You may make a Shaping Marvel in an adjacent Zone. The maximum result of the Shaping roll is capped at 20. You may boost this technique, either extending the range of the technique by one Zone or increasing the cap on the Shaping Roll by 10 per point of Chi spent.

2: Patsy’s Magic Bullet

The biggest disadvantage to ranged weapons is, of course, that they are easily stopped by intervening terrain or interposing cover. Through really heavy math, long practise, or pure instinct, you’ve learned to bypass cover through targeting weak spots or even ricocheting your bullets!

You may ignore any penalties on your attack, and nullify any bonuses to your target, due to intervening terrain or cover. You may make attacks into adjacent Zones in spite of intervening terrain that would normally make any such attacks impossible.

2: Double Tap

It’s not for everyone, but some gunfighters believe that using a single gun is for wimps, and they instead dual-wield – traditionally handguns. The image of a gunslinger whirling through a melee with a gun in each hand is as iconic as it is impressive, not least for their ability to deal with multiple threats at once.

If you make a Secondary Strike, it does not have to target the same opponent as your primary attack.

3: Deadly Dodge

The reason why executioners use a “firing line” instead of a “firing circle” is so that there’s no chance of them hitting each other. That result is exactly what this technique aims to create!

You have your choice of a -5, -10, or -15 penalty to Dodge or Block; you must use the designated defense against this attack. You may use this technique after your opponent rolls their attack. If you successfully dodge an opponent’s attack (except an Area Attack), you may designate another opponent within your Zone; they must defend themselves against that same attack, suffering a penalty to their Dodge or Block equal to the penalty you took. If the attack inflicts a Rippling Roll and Chi Condition, you get to choose the resultant Condition, not the attacker.

3: Grassy Knoll Meditation

Favored by snipers, this technique flourishes when you have a buddy to flush out your target – with them in your sights, there is no way you can miss. This technique must be used at the start of the round.

You have a +15 bonus to Strike. If you attack an opponent who has already suffered an attack by an ally, whether they avoided it or not, and your attack forces an immediate Rippling Roll.

3: Flight of the Dove

Doves are renowned for their sense of direction and duty; your motions and bullets emulate the flight of the dove as you dance across the battlefield.

You have a +10 bonus to Footwork. If you Cover Ground this turn, you may use the set with which you made the check as part of your attack roll for your primary strike only, as if you had rolled those dice as part of your Lake. You may not make a secondary strike, or take any minor actions this turn.

4: Archangel’s Killzone

You take in the battlezone, read the lines of fire and motions of your targets – and make a shot that threatens to leave the battlefield barren of life in a single pull of the trigger.

This attack is an Area Attack that can exclude targets.

4: White Death

One shot, one kill; when you shoot, you allow no waste to come of either your motion or your ammunition. Your shots target vital points that debilitate the target, ensuring that even those who escape your sights won’t forget you anytime soon!

You have a +10 Strike and Damage bonus. You can use the Poison effect as a minor action on your attack with a +10 bonus.

5: Bullet Dance

When attacked, you turn the path of the bullet into an attack of your own – trapping your opponent’s gun hand to make them destroy their allies, or weaving counterattacks into the deadly dance.

Round-long duration. You may spend Chi each round to extend the technique’s duration another round; you must spend the Chi at the beginning of each new round. The first extension cost 1 chi, the second costs 2 chi, the third costs 3 chi, and so on. This technique must be used at the start of the round. You have a +25 bonus to Dodge. If you Dodge an opponent’s attack by 10 or more, you may make a Reply or force a Rippling Roll against any single target within your Zone. Chi Conditions caused as a result of this special Rippling Roll must be Injury Conditions.

Credit: Ray of Light

Gunfighter's Oath

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