Internal Style Starting Options

Internal kung fu utilizes your inner power to bring about great effects. Unlike External Kung Fu, it doesn’t rely much on physical movements. (Certain motions can help to guide your chi, but that is a matter of description, not rules). With internal kung fu, you can make your body perform past its normal limits, or punch lightning straight into your enemy’s skull!

Using an internal kung fu technique costs Chi equal to its level. Some techniques can be boosted, allowing you to spend more Chi beyond the required cost for additional effect. Some techniques can also be extended, which increases their duration.

A technique usually lasts for only a single roll. Most techniques make it clear from context when they should be used. A technique that increases your damage obviously has to be used during an attack, for example. Techniques that last for the entire round apply their benefits to all relevant rolls during that round.

You can use any given technique only once per round. Keep this in mind when facing superior numbers; if you only know a single defensive technique, you will fare reasonably well in a duel, but you won’t be able to protect yourself as much against two enemies at once! Having some redundant techniques to fall back on can save your life. Secondary Attacks are the one exception to this rule: you may re-use any techniques you used on your attack on a Secondary Attack made with the same die roll. You still need to pay for these techniques separately.

The available Internal Styles are:
  • Boundless Prosperity Manual promotes the growth and health of the practitioner. You will learn flexible powers, expanding your strength in all things. This is an elemental Wood style.
  • Fire Sutra masters raging yang-energy. It is aggressive and powerful. This is an elemental Fire style.
  • Fox-Spirit Song projects false impressions to trick the enemy. It controls their perceptions to turn their ‘sixth sense’ against them
  • Heavens Lightning uses the stable interaction between yin and yang to harmoniously combine offense, defense, and overwhelming power. This is an elemental Earth style.
  • Ice Sutra masters silent yin-energy to freeze opponents and robs them of their power. This is an elemental Water style.
  • Iron Body Skill hardens you, making you strong, rigid, and persistent. You will learn to be forceful like an axe, and enduring like armor. This is an elemental Metal style.
  • Jade Spirit Sword combines the essence of the sword with the heart of its wielder. A focused mind, clear on its goals, will attain supreme swordplay.
  • Nine Sun Birds teaches you overwhelming speed. You strike first, and strike last.
  • Removing Concepts allows you to exceed your assumptions and see the world with clarity. Naturally flawless understanding comes from untainted perception; the best approach to any adversity will be obvious to you.
  • Thousand Venoms transforms your Chi into deadly toxins inspired by poisons found all over the world. This is a special corrupt style.
  • Unstained Lotus Mastery uses insidious breaking techniques that shatter people from the inside. Skill, armor and even distance are no obstacle to your devastating art.

Internal Style Starting Options

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