Qua De La Rancha

A Peruvian martial art based on slapping. The title might translate to ‘Leave, or the slapping will continue’.

  • Speed +10
  • Strike +10
  • Footwork +5
  • Block +5
  • Damage +0
  • Toughness +5

Laughs At: Slow, considered, and reactive styles cannot keep up with the constant barrage of attacks this style produces. It also laughs at any opponent who tries to stand strong against the barrage. Fleeing is the only defense.

Fears: Qua De La Rancha encourages enemies to flee, so mobile enemies who give ground without giving up control this style. It also fears enemies who launch massive attacks that turn aside the thousand slaps.

Numbers Game (5)

With a thousand strikes, only a few need to get through.
  • This style’s strike bonus increases to +15.

No Refuge (5)

There is no refuge from the strikes this style throws. If a victim manages to keep their wits about them, they realize the only choice they have is to flee.
  • Whenever you use a Disrupt, Disorient, or Knockback marvel, you get +5 to the roll.

Firehose (4)

When one focuses on holding one’s ground, one cannot also make meaningful attacks.
  • When your attack inflicts a Ripple on a target who hasn’t yet acted this round, you may reduce her Strike against you by 5 for the rest of the round. You can do this only once for any given attack, even if you infliced multiple ripples.

The Meeting of Storms (2)

One barrage of strikes from this style is hard to ignore, but two can be deadly!
  • If you make a Secondary Attack, this style‚Äôs Damage bonus counts as +5, for both the primary and the secondary.

Equality of Rain (4)

Rain hit everyone who has not thought to seek shelter.
  • Attacks against minions with this style count as area attack.
  • When you make an area attack with this style, you do not need to flood a dice to make it selective.

Qua De La Rancha

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