White-Collar Fist

White-Collar Fist – Unarmed


Apparently invented accidentally by a legion of cubicled office workers who fought off the shackles of their oppressive corporate regime, practicioners of White-Collar Fist are quick of foot and tongue. While the corporate lifestyle is not overly conducive to gaining a strong body, it gives one an eye for detail and surprisingly perfect timing, as well as access to an impressive breadth and depth of gossip learned from conversations near the water cooler. White-Collar Fist Warriors frequently adopt the Black Blood Combat Approach.

Laughs At

White-Collar Fist laughs at styles that try to pressure or disrupt – the practicioner works under worse pressure than that from nine to five (more if they work late, which they usually do). It also laughs at styles that try (and fail) to keep up with it or do many things at once; nobody multitasks better and more quickly than an office worker.


White-Collar Fist fears those styles which can outrun it, because losing out to a deadline can be potentially fatal to your job (or at least, to your chances of promotion). It also fears styles that hide themselves from sight; it’s impossible to plan for success if you can’t see the problems that lie ahead.

  • Speed +10
  • Footwork: +10
  • Strike: +5
  • Damage: +5
  • Block: +5
  • Toughness: +0


Office Gossip (2)

Misspent lunch breaks with the office snoops and listening to the chatter at lunch has given you a large repertoire of information to fall back on. Some of it is even useful in combat, if you’ve heard of your opponent before.
  • You have a +5 bonus to your Tactics.

Art of Immaculate Jargon (3)

The old adage “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit” holds true in innumerable situations, and you are a master of the art of bullshit, capable of destabilizing a foe even in combat with your quick wit and sharp tongue.
  • You receive an extra +5 bonus to Disorient Marvels.

Scheme-Spotting Sutra (5)

Being constantly surrounded by lies, jargon, and people trying to get ahead of you has thickened your skin and given you the ability to see through the traps people lay with words.
  • Opponents suffer a -10 penalty to their checks when trying to use the Courtier’s Arts against you. If they fail their check, they suffer a Ripple. This benefit extends even outside of combat, unless there’s some reason you wouldn’t be subconsciously using your White-Collar Fist kung-fu.

Rush Hour Technique (3)

With your time to sleep so constrained, you’ve learned how to maximize your sleep hours by becoming familiar with the pre-work rush and all the shortcuts you can take. After all, if you can get there in fifteen minutes instead of thirty, then you can sleep for a quarter of an hour more!
  • You receive an extra +5 bonus on your Covering Ground checks.

Sack-Causing Strike (2)

“You have to be 100% behind someone before you can stab them in the back.” You have internalized this expression and added its wisdom to your kung-fu, helping you add that one last push to an already wavering target.
  • This style’s Damage bonus increases to +5 against any Disoriented target.

Demotion-Inducing Defense (5)

The phrase “never take the blame for something you can convincingly pin on someone else” will never stop being true, and this is a lesson White-Collar Fist takes to heart. After all, how foolish will someone look if they accuse you for a failure, only to find the blame thoroughly placed on them instead?
  • If you successfully Dodge a strike by 10 or more points, you may Reply against your opponent, inflicting 1 Ripple upon him.

Credit: Ray of Light

White-Collar Fist

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