Your archetype shows how your character interacts with Chi Conditions.

Chi Conditions are a core concept of the game. Essentially, they give players mechanical benefits for acting in character.

Chi conditions come in two types. Hyperactive conditions give players a bonus for acting in a certain way. Weaknesses give players a penalty for not acting in a certain way.

Players don’t ‘create’ Chi Conditions. Instead, player characters ‘discover’ them. The player will make a statement (I think this guy has a fear condition because his boss is a jerk and he is constantly afraid of being fired), and then roll to see if this is accurate. The Sage will set the difficulty based on plausibility.

Once the condition exists, it can be manipulated and changed in various ways (made stronger or weaker, or even changed).

Warriors enter battle stances, and control their forms by attuning to various elements.

Doctors play with the balance of Chi in the body.

Courtiers play with people’s emotions, setting up Passions and Inspirations.

Priests change the flow of Chi in the world itself, setting up curses and influences.

Predictionists learn the future.


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