Nine Sun Birds

The story goes that some men were arguing who was fastest. One boasted that he had the speed of the wind and none could win against him in any race. Another claimed he had the movement of the panther and nobody would win against his claw-form. A third staked his pride on the flight of the falcon, a fourth on the horse whose endurance lets it run for hours. They all had good kung fu, but the matter remained unresolved.

One day, a philosopher happened to pass by and overheard their conversation. He laughed and said, “Hero Hou Yi, whose arrows slew nine suns, can tell you what is quicker than all of these.” He knew that the sun traverses all the world in a single day, never grows tired, and conceals its effortless superiority with the illusion of slowness. What better kung fu could there be?

1: Cry of the Golden Crow: The sun rises quickly in the mountainous highlands; one moment all is darkness, the other moment all is light. Become a sudden presence without prior warning!
-You have a +5 bonus to Speed

2: Light Diffused by Clouds: When clouds hide the sun, light still shines through, but it’s hard to tell exactly where the sun is. This technique accomplishes a similar result, losing nothing in brilliance but obscuring it with vaporous intentions.
-People whose Initiative exceeds yours by less than 20 points can’t break your waves, as if the waves had already finished. They don’t actually finish until your turn comes up, but their completion becomes inevitable.

3: Scattering the Golden Feathers: Your weapon seems to multiply, leaving bright images of itself in its wake. A slash comes to resemble a great feathered wing sweeping over the battlefield!
-This attack is an area attack.

4: Crow Eclipses the Sun: Just as you seem cornered or surrounded, your great speed allows you to perform one of the best defenses there is: you seem to cease to exist.
-You have a +20 bonus to Dodge. You may boost this technique, Each Chi spend grants you +5 Dodge against a different element of the same attack. ((For example, you could use the main bonus to evade an attack’s Strike, and then boost Chi to improve your defense against a Disrupt marvel.)

Nine Sun Birds

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