Removing Concepts

Men go through life trapped in illusion, seeing only their own assumptions and desires rather than the reality in front of them. You open your eyes and mind to what is really there. The higher truth is your world now, and you see solutions where others have yet to stumble upon the problems.

1: Calm Heart Skill: First, you must learn to quiet your feelings and mind. Empty yourself, and true understanding will flow towards you as naturally as rivers flow downward.
-You have +5 to Awareness of Wu Wei

2: Spontaneous Effort: You do without thought. You achieve without exertion.
-This roll, you can perform a single Minor Action that is based on a single die instead of needing a set.

3: Clarity in Openness: When you let go of restraints that are ultimately self-imposed, you can excel in all things.. The sign of a master is, after all, not effort but the lack of effort when doing great things.
-You have +10 bonus to any single Skill check

4: Yielding to Adversity: Give up your struggles and relent your determination. Learn how to bend and see new approaches.
-Use during an opposed roll to re-roll your entire Lake

Removing Concepts

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