Thousand Venoms

Poison can be found all over the world. Insects, plants, reptiles, minerals, fish and even the human body can all contain substances that are harmful to others. This style is a collection of techniques and observations by doctors and assassins alike, gathered and brought together with a single grim purpose: to transform your own Chi so it is deadly to others, killing with only a breath.

Some of these techniques use Poison attacks. Poison attacks do not use your normal Strike or Damage bonuses. If a Poison attack causes a Rippling Roll, the target does not add their toughness or armor to their Chi Aura. Wound conditions caused by Poison attacks always cause breath penalties, and these penalties are one step higher than normal .

1: Cobra Strike: Unclean Chi flows outwards and into the body of your victim, where it curdles the blood black.
-You can use the Poison effect as a Minor Action on your attack with a +5 bonus.

2: Black Wasp Stings Husk Technique: As a student of toxicology, you frequently risk exposure to poison. This technique uses a tiny amount of special poison generated in the heart to temporarily stop the flow of blood and harden your meridians, stopping the spread of harmful substances and giving you time to cleanse yourself.
-You have +10 bonus to Chi Armor rolls against Poison. Additionally, you have +5 bonus to checks to prevent or remove effects that directly impact the functioning of your body. This includes the Doctor’s Arts, Marvels described as pressure point techniques, etc.

3: Devil-Flower Essence: In a faraway land, mysterious plants with beautiful black flowers grow. Their scent is very sweet and pleasing, but it has an unusual property: only the pure can survive it. Upon smelling it, old scars reopen, illnesses return, and residual traces of poison bubble up into fierce virulence. They are a forbidden treasure which mankind was never meant to experience.
-If the target of this attack currently has a Trivial or Minor Poison condition, this attack inflicts one extra Ripple. If they have Major Poison condition, it inflicts two extra Ripples.

4: Organ Despoiling Evil: This is a supremely Malicious technique that refines your Chi not just with internal alchemy, but also with spite and the will to do harm. The venom eats away at the insides of the victim to hollow them out like a gutted fish!
-You can use the Poison effect as a Minor Action on your attack with a +20 bonus. If it forces an immediate Rippling roll, the roll receives a +10 bonus.

Thousand Venoms

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