Unstained Lotus Mastery

The lotus is a divine flower with symbolic power. It is pure, even though it grows up from puddles of water and mud. Long ago, a master sought to bring such cleanliness to his fights. It was one thing to kill people, but they shouldn’t leave such a mess behind! He created a style that poured all power into his enemies’ internal organs, rather than cutting open their flesh from the outside. In this way, he could fight without worrying about spattering blood that could dirty his sleeves or beard.

1: Lotus Point: This insidious technique sends hairline fractures through the body of your opponent. While individually harmless, you can guide them to converge in a single point in his internal organs with careful aim. And with one more strike… a red flower blooms. For this reason, such minute fractures are called “petals” by students of this style.
-If your strike hits, inflict one petal on your opponent. You can use this technique after the defender rolls. Petals heal naturally after a day, and are usually undetectable. If somehow revealed or deduced, petals can be cured prematurely with a Fantastic (60) Medicine check in combat. A doctor who has time for a more thorough treatment only needs a Memorable (40) check. Each check removes a single petal.

2: Breaking the Depths: You can focus pressure on the internals of your opponent to directly deteriorate his health.
-If your Strike hits, you may expend petals to spontaneously create a Disrupt condition without the need for a Marvel. One petal makes the difficulty of curing the condition Moderate (20); each additional petal increases the difficulty by one step.

3: Lotus Field: This technique is a more advanced application of the style’s basic principles. Rather than a single, thin fracture, this technique creates spreading networks of cracks, making bones fall into shards like glass.
-If your strike hits, inflict two petals on your opponent. You can use this technique after the defender rolls.

4: Lotus Seeds Lotus: The natural cycle propagates plants endlessly. Energy is never lost, but merely transformed into different states. Your punishment is likewise relentless.
-If you force a Rippling roll to create an Injury Condition, your roll has one extra die for each petal present on the target. This doesn’t expend the petals.

Unstained Lotus Mastery

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