Character Creation

Character creation is as in the book for Rank 4 characters, but here is a brief review.

  1. Name
  2. Choose your Archetype from Warrior, Priest, Scholar, Courtier, or Doctor. This determines what Secret Arts you have access to and what skill you can use to Focus Breath.
  3. 20 Destiny on skills. 2 Points for each +5, current maximum of +10 to any single skill. You may but specialties for 1 Destiny each. A Specialty should be quite narrow. It provides an additional +5 bonus to it’s purview.
  4. Buy Virtues. Each starts at 1. Divide 15 additional points among them. Maximum value of 5.
  5. Disadvantages. Your first two are free, additional disadvantages cost 5 destiny each.
  6. External Kung Fu. Pick one style.
  7. Internal Kung Fu. Pick one style. If it is not elementally aligned, increase your chi by one. If it is, you gain two points in that elemental chi. If it is corrupt, gain one point of corrupt chi. This chi increases your chi thresholds.
  8. Choose Your Weapon. It can have one tag. Flexible, Massive, Paired, Ranged, Saber, Staff, Spear, or Sword. For three destiny out of step 10, it can have two tags. Weapons may never have more than two tags active at once. As this is a modern campaign, guns and gun fu is acceptable for Ranged weapons. Feel free to be creative. A Shotgun might be Ranged and Massive or you might fight with Paired Ranged pistols.
  9. Armor. You start with light armor, this may be increased to medium or heavy armor in step 10 by spending one or two additional destiny respectively.
  10. 20 Additional Destiny. Spend on whatever you would like. Any spent on Skills, Secret Arts, Internal or External Kung Fu, or Techniques adds to your chi cultivation.
  11. 15 Additional Entanglement. Spend on anything not listed above. You may create or ask for new loresheets to be created, and buy anything offered by a loresheet you posses except for techniques.

Please note that per errata, all faction and philosophy loresheets now have a buy-in of three instead of their listed cost. All other loresheets (loresheets that don’t offer powerful Techniques and Secrets) cost 0 or 1. There may be exceptions, but it’s a good rule of thumb. If you want a new loresheet written up, let me know.

Take note of your Chi Values, Chi Cultivation, and Entanglement.

As a party, you must either be an established group of some sort, or be each character should be connected in some way to at least two others.

Character Creation

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